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  • You’re running out of time…

    In three weeks, the window closes… You’re pretty well-connected. As part of The Master’s Program community – leaders whose LifeStyle is different, because of LifeMastery and LifeMission – you approach the whole of your life with the understanding of stewardship. A subject that swirls with confusion for most Christians is far more clear and compelling […]

  • It’s about time

    What time is it? Don’t ask Phil Connors that question: for him, it really didn’t matter. In the 1993 movie Groundhog Day, Phil was stuck in a strange time loop, repeating the same day, continuously. If life isn’t moving toward some significant futuristic horizon – if every day is just a do-over – then asking […]

  • All of the Above

    May 11, 2015 “God doesn’t need your ability; he needs your availability.” I put that in quotes, because I didn’t say it. And, I didn’t cite a source, because there is none to be found in the www universe. A sentence like that is ubiquitous – “present, appearing, or found everywhere” – and, therefore, not […]

  • The Set Time

    December 22, 2014 “I hope you haven’t been waiting long…” Have you heard that before? Usually uttered by the person arriving last – for a long-scheduled appointment – and proposed as a this-settles-everything repayment for the time spent awaiting them. Greg Savage is an entrepreneur in Australia – a noted pro in the executive search […]