Month: November 2018

  • High Priority: Revised Holiday Schedule

    The Holidays. When you score an entry in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, you know you’ve created a unique meaning while using the simple building blocks of common vocabulary. “The” is a definite article: it sets up what follows as unique and significant, measured against all others. “Holiday” is another basic language marker that has come to […]

  • The most important question you’ll ever answer to Jesus

    Jesus asked, “What do you want me to do for you?” That’s an incredible question – wrapped around an offer – that would be amazing coming from anyone; it’s even more astounding when it’s posed by Jesus. How would you reply? It happens twice, recorded back-to-back in Mark 10; each offers a weighty insight about […]

  • How do we say “thanks” for sacrifice?

    This is the “holiday edition” of my Point of View. Since 1954, November 11 has been deemed “Veteran’s Day.” A fitting tribute to the living men and women whose history of military service and sacrifice has made America’s continued experiment in freedom possible. Memorial Day honors the fallen; Veterans Day recognizes those who remain among […]

  • The most important election in your lifetime?

    Tomorrow is the most important election of your lifetime. That must be true. Donald Trump, Cory Booker and Barack Obama have all said so in the last few days. Candidates –  and those pounding their drums – have all been saying so. It must be true. Run the clock back to this same date, in […]