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  • Are you coasting, or accelerating?

    Are you too distracted to be distinctive? If you’re reading this five-minute, beginning-of-the-week memo, you’re probably not one of the self-focused entitled crowd who are watching the Breaking News for the next announcement of debt forgiveness and extended unemployment benefits. That growing segment of the population may never grow up; what’s the point? In your […]

  • Don’t miss the offramp ahead…

    We’re spending too much time micro-managing right now… and missing the macro view. You’ve heard it before: “Life is a Journey.” That’s a pretty good word picture. Here’s the situation: on that journey, the progress can stop – though you’re still behind the wheel – if you get into a traffic circle and fail to […]

  • Are you sitting at the kids’ table?

    Talk about going against the grain… For the last year-plus, the world has been obsessed with death. Last week, I told you that we’re going to make a deliberate break from the headlines and talk on Mondays, instead, about Life! You may have felt last week’s edition to be overly elementary, but – as I […]

  • So, what are you: dead or alive?

    May Day! May Day! Be careful where – and, how – you announce that. Technically, it’s the tag given to May 1st – this year, last Saturday – but it has meaning that stretches beyond that. For Socialists and Communists – since 1889 – it has been their International Workers’ Day. In radio communications, it’s […]

  • What are you waiting for?

    This is your last chance… Being mortal humans – while part of the eternal Redeemed – carries with it some tendencies that are important to recognize and segregate. Some of them are positive, and warrant protection and preservation. There are also aspects of our human experience that deserve to be confronted and challenged. An example: […]

  • Where do you go for answers?

    Are you a CEO? If asked in the context of your career, the answer is apparent: just look at your business card. An organizational chart somewhere will be an independent confirmation of your claim: Chief Executive Officer; every enterprise has one, and most of the players beneath her/him aspire to replace them… Ask that question […]

  • If your heart’s not in it, neither will you be

    Can this last? Mention the concept of sustainability in the 21st Century and most minds will turn immediately to issues surrounding the environment. Earth Day is next week; for the growing numbers who self-describe as “spiritual, not religious,” there’s a good chance that their posture toward Mother Nature will become worshipful as they join forces […]

  • Are you able to connect the dots?

    He is Risen; He is Risen indeed! Now what? The build-up to the Main Event was just as real 1,991 years ago as it was last week. Big cheers on the Sunday before, lots of activity during the week, a Passover Seder on Thursday that was the apparent highlight of the whole holiday… then the […]

  • Is Easter fake news, or the real deal?

    God is a myth; the universe exists apart from any supernatural force claiming credit for creation. Man is born, then dies… and his consciousness ends. Life is one big exercise in the chaos theory; no overriding code of justice has any jurisdiction or authority: you answer only to yourself. Trusting anyone or anything but yourself […]

  • Will heart failure take you down?

    It’s the acrostic mentioned most in PandemicLand; the CDC gets more headlines than AOC. The Centers for Disease Control is one of government’s principal bureaucracies tasked with making people in America live longer. Covid-19 is just the latest in trendy infectious goblins who come and go across the timeline of history. One of these days, […]

  • You pick your solution: natural, or supernatural?

    It’s a truism that I’d rather not test: swimming in shark-infested waters is not problematic… generally. The condition under which the idiom breaks down is clear: when there’s blood in the water, the shark behaves differently… Have you been out-and-about lately? For the last 12 months, we’ve all been asked to shelter-in-place and avoid human […]

  • Are you one of America’s hostages?

    Strange times; wouldn’t you agree? If operating in a sterile laboratory, highly-educated advocates for evolution’s core principles would suggest that, over time, physical bodies and social cultures would tend – through natural selection – to become better-and-better, alleviating the emotional toxin called fear from society. Given enough time, sophisticated and schooled people will figure out […]

  • How are you doing where it really counts?

    I hope you’re taking this personally… We live in a crowded world. In every generation, a few people stand-out, and the rest of us live wondering whose tracks we should be following into the dark fog of the future. As people who claim affiliation with the living Lord Jesus, His model remains superior to all […]

  • It’s time to flex your friend muscles…

    We’re breaking the rules for four weeks. Polite society likes to admonish people against allowing something / anything to be “about them.” During this early-2021 exercise, we’re making it all about us, and lining ourselves up alongside Jesus, who did just that for nearly two decades: “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in […]

  • For you, unless you already know it all…

    Maybe today is a holiday for you (Presidents Day; despite the political divides over things having to do with that office); around the Point of View territory, every Monday is “on.” The morning after Super Bowl, we opened a short series focused on you. We’re working from an intriguing insight into the life of Jesus; […]

  • It’s time to get physical…

    Okay, let’s get one thing straight: this has nothing to do with shame. Guilt and Shame are not the identical twins from Hell; they’re often mistaken for one another, but it’s a doppelgänger deal. Shame attacks your identity as irreversibly flawed; it’s a prime tool in the arsenal of the Evil One. Guilt is different: […]

  • Step out of the shadows…

    So, how do you become champions of Super Bowl #55? To get to the pinnacle of accomplishment in professional football takes more than a conventional approach. Once proven to be the best in one’s field, the opportunity opens to write the book on the process that delivers the results. If winning the title game for […]

  • What are you measuring? Does it matter?

    If years had rankings, most of us would put 2020 on the bottom of the best list. In your lifetime, has any year come packed with more toxicity than the last? No aspect of life was left out of the maelstrom. If we had a way to elect a do-over year, I suspect that ’20 […]

  • You can’t finish if you never begin

    Okay, I know it’s a holiday – and Dr. King’s life and legacy are worth some fresh attention and national respect – but we started this conversation last week, and we have some things about which we need to be clear, before we do anything else. I created an historic onramp onto this topic, citing […]

  • Start here, or you’re finished

    I don’t know what you’re feeling as we begin this second week of the “new” year, but my “virtual” finger on America’s pulse causes me to offer an expert diagnosis, based on five decades of adult engagement: we’re in a funk, not a start  (a state of depression).  There’s no medication that will alleviate the […]

  • What’s your part in history?

    My football career ended at the high school, but I carried lessons from those years that remain powerful for me, today. I was a defensive tackle on a team with regional dominance; our coaches were remarkable. One day, Manny Peñaflor – our defensive line coach – taught me a life lesson on the scrimmage field. […]

  • Read this before closing the door on 2020

    Did you forget? In just a couple of days, we’ll be making our way out of the year called 2020. Decades hence, citing this year’s title – 2020 – may invoke a variety of emotions. What has it been for you? Be careful: the most immediate answer may be the most dangerous. Highly-repetitive headlines may […]

  • Tommy Walker: We Will Remember and Psalm 91

    Psalm 91 1 Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty 2 I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.” 3 Surely he will save you from the fowler’s snare and from the deadly pestilence. […]

  • Better late than never…

    The people with the greatest credentials may not be the early adopters… but it’s great when they are able – finally – to get on board and join the party. Last week, we celebrated the Shepherds. They’re supporting actors in the Christmas pageant, but in Israel, 2000 years ago, they were in the bottom quartile […]

  • Is this on your list?

    “Why didn’t you say something?” We have thousands of men and women – high-impact Kingdom influencers, across America and beyond – who receive this weekly challenge. Most open and read it, regularly. A proactive look at 21st Century leadership, through the lens of a biblical worldview. Point of View is the tip of the iceberg […]

  • How do the losers become the winners?

    What’s it going to take, for you? The relationship between God and people – made possible through the death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ – begins, and continues, based on faith. The initiation of that connection was likened to birth – spiritual birth by Jesus, as he described it to the noted […]

  • You’re running out of time…

    In three weeks, the window closes… You’re pretty well-connected. As part of The Master’s Program community – leaders whose LifeStyle is different, because of LifeMastery and LifeMission – you approach the whole of your life with the understanding of stewardship. A subject that swirls with confusion for most Christians is far more clear and compelling […]

  • Would you die for it?

    P.S. I love you. It’s been 58 years since Paul McCartney wrote that song for The Beatles to record as one of their earliest hits. The idea behind the song was simple: the contents of the letter would be forgotten long before the heart-hitting postscript that was added, not as an after-thought, but as the […]

  • Maybe it’s time to get serious…

    Church, is it a free-for-all, or is it free, for all? Last Thursday, everybody had to swallow more than turkey and dressing.  In a year that has been politically-charged on every level – even moment – it’s likely that an extended family gathering included people whose views about the chaos in the culture and the […]

  • What kind of “different” are you?

    What’s different? And, does it matter? Decades ago, Dr. Bill Bright – the founder of Campus Crusade for Christ – compressed the essence of the Gospel into a pocket-sized pamphlet called the Four Spiritual Laws. It wasn’t wordy, but it was sufficient: everything necessary to embrace saving faith was there. Millions trace their conversion to […]

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