Easter Week? Prove it!

Do you have a minute?

We had our moment yesterday – my Point of View comes on Mondays – but, it’s Easter Week, and we’re all sheltering-in-place. Some of us live in communities where the directives have become even more strict and limiting. For you – and, for me – this is a very extraordinary season…

Every day seems to be the same as the last; it’s now officially Spring, but the cultural gloom that casts a dark shadow over every news report says that this will likely be the darkest week, yet.

I want to send you three invitations, to fill some of your time during these days leading up to Easter 2020. My best advice: click on all three of them; you can thank me later.

Chris Tomlin: one of the remarkable worship leaders of this generation, Tomlin has called the hearts of many to deep levels of faith. Daily – in my office, connecting with leaders by text, phone and email – I take regular breaks to get another Keurig fix… and let Chris lift me from the pandemic funk to a place far more flooded with hope. My gift to you: seven minutes that will lift your spirits.
Click: Is He Worthy?

The Jesus Film: you’re probably reading books, watching movies and binge-watching favorite series of the past with your off-time, but – it’s Easter, for Heaven’s sake – and the networks are probably not going to follow some of the long-lost traditions of offering faith-friendly “religious holiday” fare this year. The Jesus Film is a great gift – from me to you, then, from you to your     household – that will capture the “reason for the season” in a timeless way. It’s the Gospel of Luke; nearly six billion people have seen this movie in their mother tongue (now translated into 1800+ languages). Over the last four decades, over 600 million people have indicated their decision to
accept Jesus’ offer of salvation after watching the movie. It’s a powerful dose of hope at a time
when we all need more. Two hours well spent. (disclosure: I co-chair the board of The Jesus Film).
Click: The JESUS Film

Bob and Noah: now in our third week, we’re offering a 15 minute mid-week reinforcement devo on Wednesdays called Hard Times Heroes. Over 1000 people have seen last week’s edition; it’s           archived on the Facebook Group platform where it’s hosted (note for holdouts: you do not need to      have a FB account to join us there!). You can catch Weeks #1 & #2 that are archived there, and – then – join us “live” tomorrow (Wednesday) from 7:00-7:15a (Pacific) for some mid-Holy Week           encouragement. How do we prep for these unscripted conversations? About 15 minutes before we go “live,” we listen – again – to Tomlin reminding us that, He is Worthy.
Click: Hard Times Heroes

We’re all figuring this out, together. Let me suggest that these unusual days are allowing you to invest your time in keeping with your own best life agenda. In about 2.5 hours (these three invitations, en toto), you’ll transform this week into the kind of inspirational experience that only the Resurrection – and its consequential dose of Eternal Hope – can offer.

You’re welcome!

Bob Shank






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  1. John G Avatar
    John G

    Thanks. I am Enjoying these weekly chats with you and Noah. Moving forward with the Live to Love project. Check it out: https://livetolovewithjesus.com

  2. Leslie M Avatar
    Leslie M

    Thank you for your consistent and loving leadership.

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