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April 10, 2017

Insiders: most people write checks/slide plastic/flash Apple Pay as consumers. Self-focused spenders want to “get what they paid for;” that’s the highest level of evaluation for the money they release from their grip. Not you: you’ve graduated from the spending-only demographic, as you elevate more of your cash flow from spending to investing. Astute investors ask, “What are the returns?”

Next week – after the brief respite to reconsider the Resurrection – you’ll be formalizing one of the largest financial transfers of your year: it’s time to pay your taxes. Consumers will look at their contribution to government revenue – state and federal – and wonder, “did they get what they paid for?” Investors will contrast their perceived equity share in their country and look at their tax bills and contrast that with their holdings – in their business, in the markets – and hit “send” on their tax return, feeling elation or regret, based on their conclusions.

Jesus introduced another opportunity, beyond spending, investing and “giving to Caesar:” he invited his friends to invest in the Family Business.

Outsiders aren’t allowed; only members of the family of God (the nut-jobs like us, who claim to be “born again,” and talk about Jesus in the same manner as a personal friend) are allowed to hold stock in an enterprise whose shares aren’t traded on Wall Street, but offer guaranteed returns – the Founder was known to – repeatedly – claim 100x (that’s 10,000%) returns. Here’s a quirk: only the friends who are alive on earth can invest; friends who have left earth to join him in heaven cannot.

Every dollar that comes into my hands creates a unique decision tree; each choice creates another series of new considerations allowing savvy moves that lead to highest benefit. Will the next dollar fund consumption, satisfy tax demands, or be invested? If invested, will it go into this life’s options, or the next? If channeled toward the next – in heaven – which Kingdom fund is most likely to produce magnificent, measurable returns… when my account is audited upon arrival on the other side?

Every year – around tax time – we open a new Eternal Fund, open only to qualified family investors. The Master’s Programdedicated to helping Christian leaders explore, expose and exploit their personal Kingdom Calling – is one of the highest performing eternal investments in my personal portfolio. Thousands of graduates of TMP have gone on to produce profound eternal impact; they’re proof of what happens when insightful influencers – already proven in their career tracks – find the path toward making their most amazing contributions to the advancement of the Kingdom.

On May 11th, we’re staging the 2017 TMP Golf Challenge. It’s not a tournament; golf is just the front for a fundraising effort that funds the ongoing cost of recruiting/enrolling participants into TMP. Men and women sign on as “golfers” to give – or, to give and raise – money to underwrite the expansion of TMP’s Kingdom mission. It’s my job to lead that effort, on the field.

This isn’t “spam;” we talk every Monday, through this Point of View. I’m asking as a friend – as a voice God uses to rattle your thinking about life, weekly – to help us. Next week, you’ll be giving to Caesar; today – right now – would you consider an investment in The Master’s Program/Golf Challenge offering mega-returns that will compound in your Kingdom portfolio?

Click here to get in on this extraordinary opportunity! The promise: 100x returns…

Bob Shank

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