Hard times

Hard times are hard.

There’s no way to sugar-coat that reality. We have some tag lines from the past – “When the goin’ gets tough, the tough get goin’” – that might work in a two-minute time out on a football field, but when the economy shuts down and there is no certain horizon of normalcy, the cloud of fear begins to envelope everyone and everything.

Terror shouts; hope whispers. Any screen that’s on – with a “live feed” – is screaming bad news, 24/7. For most people, that will be the unrelenting megaphone shaping their posture, moment-by-moment. An emotional fetal position will be widespread; followers need leaders, not prophets of doom during a worldwide pandemic and national emergency, with a pungent dose of presidential-election-year politics lathered on top.

Break from that; listen clearly: God has a history of raising-up remarkable leaders during the times when the populace has sequestered and the streets have emptied. Challenging circumstances birth champions; the Hard Times Heroes become the stuff of legend.

We – the leadership community that, together, comprise the movement surrounding The Master’s Program – are listening for the whisper of hope while tuning out the manipulative and macabre that are the stuff of Breaking News. The markets are in a free fall… but God is in Heaven, He has a plan, and that plan will engage a crucial contingent of men and women who are going to claim the high ground for the Kingdom. Call it His “still, small voice” if you’d prefer. The truth is: when you’re all-powerful – and eternally on the throne, commanding the universe to do your bidding – you don’t have to scream: the whisper of the invisible, invincible God wins every time.

Beginning tomorrow – Wednesday, March 25th, at 7:00am (Pacific) – we’re launching a new, live ,midweek, leaders-only reset via the platform we have on Facebook for Master’s OnLine. Hosted by me and Noah Elias – my comrade in the MOL effort – we’ll be streaming 15 minutes every week.

A dose of biblical history (featuring the men and women who have come before us, emerging as game-changers against the backdrop of chaos). Some conversation about what we’re hearing from the real-time members of this movement from across the country and around the world. A blast of very focused prayer for the challenges we’re all confronting during these unprecedented days. We’ll be watching the comments/questions that will be coming in – live – from the group participants. We’re in it, together; that’s hard to remember if we’re sheltering-in-place and away from the congregating opportunities that we’re used to having.

We’ll be live from 7:00-7:15a (Pacific); it will be accessible through the same group portal – recorded live – if you can’t make that window. This isn’t scripted; we’ll be pioneering some new ground (for us), but – as always – seeking to make us all better, together, as we continue to be on the Offense, in a world that is settling for Defense.

Here’s how to find us and get in on this encounter:

To access the Master’s Online Facebook Group  follow these instructions:

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“Hard Time Heroes” – Every Wednesday at 7am PST.

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If you choose to opt-out of creating a Facebook account, be sure to make note of our weekly LIVE event every Wednesday at 7am PST on your calendar and visit the link below to join us!







3 responses to “Hard times”

  1. David B Avatar
    David B

    Good morning! Thank you for opening the door to join the online program today.

  2. Derek D Avatar
    Derek D

    Hi Bob – I love this, great idea!!

  3. Steve M Avatar
    Steve M

    Thank you Bob for your leadership!

    Appreciating the privilege to be sharpened by such an esteemed group.

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