December 26, 2005
The Master's Program
The Point of View - A Weekly Commentary by Bob Shank

Dear Marketplace Friend, 

      Over the last few years, I've been delighted to tell the story of Don Schoendorfer, founder of Free Wheelchair Mission, and the launch of his entrepreneurial Kingdom effort. Their vision: to get 20 million wheelchairs out to third-world, disabled people - along with the enabling message of the Gospel - in the next few years. He has been surrounded by men and women - from The Master's Program and The Barnabas Group - helping him forward in his emerging non-profit enterprise.
      I've just found out that Don has been nominated for Hero of the Year (2005), by Reader's Digest (that's their equivalent of Time Magazines Person-of-the-Year). With RD, it's a competition that is settled by "popular vote."
      The Free Wheelchair Mission sends wheelchairs all over the world free of charge to those who cannot afford one. These are Don's "invention," and they are affordable and rugged, suited for dirt/mud/rural roads. Each chair costs $42, but gives immeasurable hope and dignity to those who receive them. Don's nomination for the Reader's Digest award gives great visibility to the ministry and can potentially help even more people around the world. I know all the glory would go to God if Don wins and it would give the ministry an even greater push toward his 20 million chair goal. Visit their website,, and take a look at what they're up to...
      Here's my appeal, to you, on behalf of Don and his mission: go to the Reader's Digest link and vote. Just click on the circle under his name until a green dot appears. Then, go to the x in the box at the bottom of the page and click again. The screen will change and thank you for your vote. This is a great mission and the exposure it would get is what will help meet Don's goal of 20 million chairs to those who need them.       If you'd like to vote for him, the link is below. I wonder how God would leverage his ministry if he won the award! Feel free to copy this to send to others.

Bob Shank

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